Our Staff


  • Mr A Brant – Headteacher

Leadership Team

  • Miss V Brown  – Deputy Headteacher, Values and Standards
  • Mrs S Williams – Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum
  • Miss D Edwards – Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour and Engagement
  • Mrs S Blackshaw, Business Manager

English Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mrs R Randles, Learning Manager
  • Mrs J Rogers,  Acting Assistant Learning Manager
  • Mrs D Jones
  • Mrs G Roberts, Literacy Co-ordinator

Mathematics Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Miss G Wood – Acting Learning Manager (from June 2019)
  • Mrs E Topliss, Learning Manager (Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs A Ashley, Assistant Learning Manager
  • Miss C Lewis
  • Mr C Eagle

Science Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mr P Jenkins, Learning Manager
  • Mrs L Joy, Assistant Learning Manager
  • Mrs C Drummond
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mrs L Hasford
  • Mrs S Cheetham

ICT Subject Area/ Responsibility

  • Miss E Stanley, Subject Leader ICT
  • Mr A Kulke


  • Mr A Roberts, Subject Leader Geography
  • Mrs L Evans, Subject Leader History
  • Mrs R Feather, History Teacher
  • Mrs C Rowlands Owen, Subject Leader RE (Maternity Leave)
  • Mr C Whitney-Lang, Geography/Progress Manager Yr 8/9
  • Mrs SA Williams, Geography Teacher/Assistant Headteacher

Design Technology

  • Mrs JA Williams, subject Leader D&T
  • Miss S Evans

Creative Arts

  • Miss E Rogers, Acting Subject Leader Performing Arts/Music
  • Miss K Simister, Art Teacher
  • Miss V Brown, Drama Teacher/Deputy Headteacher


  • Mrs H Catton, Subject Leader French
  • Mrs J Fell, French Teacher/Progress Manager Yr 10 & 11
  • Mrs M Jones, Subject Leader Welsh
  • Miss E Williams, Welsh Teacher

PE/ Leisure

  • Mr DM Roberts, Acting Subject Leader PE
  • Mr DW Roberts
  • Miss C Hughes

Learning Support

  • Mrs C Dingle, Inclusion Manager/ALNCO
  • Mrs V Brackenbury, i/c Severe Speech & Language Resource
  • Miss J Robbins, Speech & Language Teacher

Progress Managers

 Key Stage 3

  • Year 7 – Mrs L Hasford, Progress Manager, Transition Co-ordinator & PSE Co-ordinator
  • Year 8 & 9 – Mr C Whitney Lang, Progress Manager

Key Stage 4

  • Year 10/11 – Miss J Fell, Progress Manager
  • Year 10/11 – Mrs A Taylor, Progress and Achievement Coordinator

Business Manager

  •  Mrs S Blackshaw

Headteacher’s PA

  • Mrs J Maclean

Administrative Officers

  • Mrs S Hughes, Examination Officer
  • Mrs T Prydderch, Data Manager
  • Mrs J Evans, Attendance and Family Support Officer

Administrative Assistants

  • Mrs S Chidlow
  • Mrs K Price
  • Mrs C Roberts
  • Mrs K Roberts
  • Mrs K Prach

Technical Support

  • Mr R Jones (IT Network Manager)
  • Mrs E Williams (Science)
  • Mr M Jones (D & T)
  • Mr D Quinn (IT)

Student Well Being Co-ordinator/Designated Child Protection Officer

  •  Mrs D Payne

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs S Lloyd
  • Ms S Edwards
  • Mrs R Jones
  • Mrs J Harrington
  • Mrs N Huxley
  • Miss C Jones
  • Miss R Lewis
  • Miss M Phoenix
  • Mrs J Ashley

Specialist Support

  • Mrs L Firman
  • Mrs J Hamilton
  • Mrs T Jenkins
  • Miss A Potts


  • Mrs S Jones


  •  Ms J Claybrook

Site Managers

  • Mr P Hughes
  • Mr M Jones

Cover Supervisors

  • Mrs G Colley
  • Mrs K Hatton
  • Mrs C Williams

Learning Coach

  • Mrs A Taylor

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Howell

Behaviour Support 

  • Mr D Mr S Stokes
  • Mrs C Dokk-Olsen
  • Mrs T Sear
  • Mrs T  Jones
  • Mrs K White
  • Mr K Whitehead

Youth Workers

  • Mrs D Edwards (WCBC)
  • Mr R Thomas (WCBC)

Education Social Worker

  •  Mr J Hodgson (Safeguarding & Child Protection)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

  • Mrs K Sarnowska (WCBC)

Swimming Instructor

  • Mrs D Cameron-Evans



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