Year 11 (Last teaching September 2021)


Students who are sitting their GCSE’s in June 2020 will be following WJEC GCSE ICT which comprises of four units:

Unit 1: Understanding ICT (External Exam)

Unit 2: Solving Problems with ICT (Set Assignment)

Unit 3: ICT in Organisations (External Exam)

Unit 4: Developing Multimedia ICT Solutions (Set Assignment)

This course in Information and Communication Technology offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for candidates to identify and solve real problems by designing information and communication systems in a wide range of contexts relating to their personal interests.

Information and Communication Technology develops candidates’ interdisciplinary skills and their capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence. The specification encourages the investigation and study of Information and Communication Technology in a variety of contexts.

Students are freely available to take past exam papers home with them to complete which can be returned to their class teacher.

Revision resources for both Unit 1 and Unit 2 can be found on Google Classroom.