Key stage 4 Sciences

At GCSE, we offer several WJEC courses;

  • GCSE Double Science
  • GCSE Double Applied Science
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • GCSE Physics

The GCSE content for each course has been carefully broken down into the same themes that we have covered in year 7 and 8.  This allows a smooth continuum from year 7 all the way through to year 11.  In each year students revisit concepts and skills and build on them in a hierarchical manner, so that over 5 years they successfully build on their knowledge and understanding of key concepts that all link to their expected GCSE performance.

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Double Science – Chemistry


GCSE Double Applied Science – Chemistry

GCSE Physics

GCSE Double Science – Physics

GCSE Double Applied Science – Physics

GCSE Biology

GCSE Double Science – Biology

GCSE Double Applied Science – Biology