Our Ethos

At Ysgol Rhosnesni High School we are proud of the achievements of our students in a wide range of fields both academic and enrichment, and we believe in high standards and expectations. We believe that we can make a positive difference to the future life-chances of each and every young person.

We believe in working together with our students to develop their future roles as ambassadors of learning, citizens and workers and aim to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for future adult life.


Learning Manager Mrs E Topliss.
Assistant Learning Manager Mrs A Ashley
Numeracy Coordinator Miss G Wood
Teacher of Mathematics Miss C Lewis
Teacher of Mathematics Mr C Eagle
Teacher of Mathematics Mr T Clarke
Teaching Assistant Mrs T Jenkins

Pupils will study for 2 qualifications in their Maths lessons and will therefore achieve 2
separate GCSE grades.
These will be GCSE Maths (Numeracy) and GCSE Mathematics.
The Maths (Numeracy) exam will be based on applying the principles of Mathematics to
everyday life and will be the Main GCSE qualification required by employers and
The GCSE Mathematics exam will be focussed on more traditional mathematical
principles and will support those pupils intending to study Maths further.
There will also be the option for those pupils who are thinking of studying Maths
further to study for the Additional Mathematics qualification to bridge the gap
between GCSE Maths and A Level Maths. This will be on a voluntary basis and taught
after school.
The qualifications will be exam based and 3 tiers of entry will be available. These are
Foundation (Grades D-G) Intermediate (Grades B – E) and Higher tier (Grades A*-C).
The level you are entered for will be based on your ability and commitment shown in

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