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At Ysgol Rhosnesni High School we are proud of the achievements of our students in a wide range of fields both academic and enrichment, and we believe in high standards and expectations. We believe that we can make a positive difference to the future life-chances of each and every young person.

We believe in working together with our students to develop their future roles as ambassadors of learning, citizens and workers and aim to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for future adult life.




Cyfnod Allweddol 4 / Key Stage 4

TGAU Cymraeg Ail-Iaith / Welsh Second Language GCSE


All students study Welsh Full Course GCSE at Ysgol Rhosnesni to enable each child to secure a bilingual future; two languages lead to a broader range of choices within all areas of your child’s future.

Welsh Full Course is a subject which is accepted by every college and examining body and is a required medium in an increasing range of public sector and private sector occupations. Securing a Welsh Second Language GCSE qualification is a crucial employability skill.

To speak the Welsh language is an acquisition but to have a full academic qualification in it is too precious an acquisition to ignore.


The Welsh Government is establishing a bilingual workforce in Wales. Individuals holding a Welsh Full Course GCSE qualification have a significant advantage over individuals without a qualification.

Welsh Full Course GCSE Details

Students will study the following topics within 4 assessment units:



Unit 1

Oracy examination: (Year 10)

25% of GCSE. (100 marks)

Oracy response to a short film clip: 6-8 minutes (pair)

8-10 minutes (group of three)

1 task

Speaking (10%) Listening (15%) A task for a pair/group of three based on their discussion of a short clip.

2 parts to the examination:

  • Watch a visual clip (2 minutes)

twice and fill in a related sheet

·        Discuss the contents of the clip in a pair/group.

Students will sit the Unit 1 Oracy Examination at the end of Year 10.

Students will sit Units 2, 3 & 4 in Year 11.

  Unit 2

Oracy examination (Year 11)

25% of GCSE. (100 marks)

Communicating with other people:6-8 minutes (pair)

8-10 minutes (group of three)

1 task

Speaking (20%) Listening (5%)

A discussion in pairs/groups of three on triggers such as

a combination of graphs, pictures and short reading texts.



Unit 3

Written examination 1 hour 30 minutes (Year 11)

25% of GCSE.

Reading (15%) Writing (10%)

Reading tasks with written responses, including one

translation task from English to Welsh, one proofreading

task and writing tasks.



Unit 4

Written examination 1 hour 30 minutes (Year 11)

25% of GCSE.

Reading (10%) Writing (15%)

Reading tasks with written responses and writing tasks.



GCSE home study is also accessed through the Quizlet website by clicking on the link of the respective Welsh teacher:

Dosbarthiadau Mrs Tomos Jones https://quizlet.com/MrsTomosJones/classes

Dosbarthiadau Miss Whitehead https://quizlet.com/MissWhitehead20/classes

Dosbarthiadau Mrs Williams https://quizlet.com/Williamst288/classes

Students wishing to re-visit, catch up or extend their learning are able to access set work by following the link to Google Classroom. (Please note that parents are informed of class codes by text.) https://classroom.google.com/h


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