All pupils will be sitting end of year assessments in their maths lessons in a couple of weeks time. Further details re dates can be found for each year group below. Class teachers have placed revision material and/or practice papers on google classroom for each class. Please reiterate to your child that they do not need to be worried about these exams; they do not solely inform setting for next year. They are to inform us where your child is up to with their learning to allow teachers to make appropriate amendments to their planning and preparation for September.
Year 10 – Maths mock exam – 2 papers split into 1hr long papers and will be done in each maths lesson between 27th June and 5th July. 
Year 9 – 2 papers Unit 1 Non calculator and Unit 2 calculator – to be sat in maths lessons WB 1st July. 
Year 7/8 – 2 papers – paper 1 non calculator and paper 2 calculator – to be sat in first 2 maths lessons WB 24th June. 
Many thanks for your support, 
Mrs Topliss
Head of Maths Department