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Digital Learning and Wellbeing Survey – January 2021

 RHS parents and students. Important survey requires you to respond. Please click the title above.

22/01/21 – Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Policy

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have recently updated our Live-streaming and Video-conferencing Policy.  Please make sure that you and your child fully understand its contents.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Brant   

20/01/21 – Letter from Qualifications Wales

Assessment arrangements for GCSE, AS and A level grades in Summer – 2021

08/01/21 – Letter from Qualifications Wales

Letter from Qualifications Wales about GSCE and Vocational Qualifications

08/01/21 – Important letter from Mr Brant about the continuation of remote learning:

Remote Learning Letter 8th January

05/01/21 – Message from Mr Brant

Whilst it is possible that the Welsh Government will make further announcements before the end of this week,  the current position is that remote learning will continue until 18th January.  Please see the statement below from Kirsty Williams:

Written Statement – Return to school arrangements

18/12/20 – Message from Mr Brant

Important information about arrangements for pupils to return to school in January

18/12/20 – COVID-19 Reporting of positive test results over the Christmas period

Ysgol Rhosnesni is closed for Christmas from Friday 18th December and re-opens to students on Tuesday 5th January.  Please see the school website for re-opening plans for each year group – these will be added as soon as confirmed.


During the period that school is closed for Christmas we still need to be notified of any positive COVID-19 test result and ask that should your child test positive after 18th December and before Monday 4th January that you please contact the Wrexham Public Protection Team directly, instead of the school.  They will need to know the pupils full name, date of birth, school name and current year group.

The email address to send the information to is:  Food& and the telephone number is 01978 297120

10/12/20 – Letter from Mr Brant

Changes to school arrangements for the last week of term.  Face to face learning will cease on Friday 11th December 2020.  Please see letter for full details: Remote Learning – last week of term

10/12/20 – Letter from Mr Brant

Important Information about changes to isolation periods


Dear Parent/Carer,

The RHS staff team will be resting during half term. However, if your child is bored or keen to learn/revise:

Please see an important letter from Mr Brant below:

Half Term Letter 23/10/20

Have a safe and relaxing half term.

05/10/20 – Statement from Mr Brant 

School Open – Tuesday 6th October

Dear Parent/Carer,

Following today’s precautionary closure, Rhosnesni High School will be open to all students from Tuesday 6th October.

The consistent advice we have received from Public Health Wales is that the process of testing and contact tracing is now part of the ‘new normal’ for all schools. If parents, staff and students follow these guidelines carefully, it is safe to remain open.  Rest assured that we will continue to mitigate the risks of COVID-19, whilst striving to provide a full educational experience.

Please discuss with your child the necessity of robust hand and respiratory hygiene, the importance of social distancing and the requirement for those with COVID-19 symptoms to remain at home.  Facemasks should be worn in communal indoor areas, such as corridors and toilets.

We wish to stress again that, according to Public Health Wales, identified symptoms are:

  • a new or continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of or change to sense of smell or taste

Under no circumstances should learners or staff attend school if they:

  • feel unwell with any of the identified COVID-19 symptoms. They should remain at home, self-isolate and arrange a COVID-19 test
  • have tested positive for COVID-19
  • live in a household with someone who has symptoms of, or has tested positive for, COVID-19

Thank you for your continuing support and understanding.

Mr Brant


04/10/20 – Statement from Mr Brant

Full School Closure – Monday 5th October 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Following a second confirmed case of Covid-19, as an entirely precautionary measure, Rhosnesni High School will be closed to all students tomorrow – Monday 5th October 2020.

Although Public Health Wales and Wrexham’s Public Protection department do not believe that these two cases are related, the school will be closed for deep cleaning.

Further updates will be provided throughout Monday.  

Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Thank you for your support.

Mr Brant


01/10/20 – Statement from Mr Brant

“School remains open as usual to all students, but we appreciate that our first confirmed COVID-19 case may have caused some anxiety amongst young people and parents.  We have taken advice from Wrexham’s Public Protection department and NHS Wales TTP. 

We have no reason to believe that this isolated case was transmitted in school.  Wrexham CBC do not disclose personal details in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case, but rest assured that we will continue to work closely with Public Health Wales, the Local Authority and the NHS Wales Test, Trace and Protect (TTP) to ensure that all the appropriate measures are in place to protect learners, staff and the wider community.

The member of staff was not symptomatic in school and has not been present over the past few days.  Anybody deemed to have been a ‘close contact’ will be notified by the Test, Trace and Protect team in accordance with Welsh Government guidance.

Thank you for the kind words and messages of support we have received today.”

30th September 2020 – Important Information

Dear Parent/Carer,

A single case of COVID-19 has today been confirmed at Rhosnesni High School.  A member of staff is currently self-isolating.

The school is working closely with Public Health Wales, the Local Authority and the NHS Wales Test, Trace and Protect (TTP) to ensure that all the appropriate measures are in place to protect learners, staff and the wider community.

School remains open as usual to all students. 

Please adhere to Welsh Government guidance and continue to support our existing COVID-19 control measures.

Thank you,

Mr Brant


28th September – Headteacher Update

Dear Parent/Carer,

If your child is self-isolating or we are forced to partially close Rhosnesni High School in the coming months, please remember that learning can and should continue at home.

Our website has lots of great resources and links which we will continue to update regularly.  Google classroom is available and we will assist, wherever possible, with any technical difficulties. Four excellent resources to which I wish to draw your attention are:

Please visit these sites for 5 x 50 minute sessions each day, if you are not in school.  They are full of age appropriate content and detailed study materials.  Every GCSE subject is available, with clear support and guidance provided.

Please keep learning, practising and revising.

Diolch yn fawr,

Mr A Brant

23rd September Update – Covid-19 Symptoms

To assist parents with identifying action to be taken in case of illness, we have developed a a quick reference guide for parents/carers to be read in conjunction with the Suspected Covid-19 Symptoms Escalation Policy and Procedures:

Suspected Covid-19 Escalation Policy and Procedures

Quick reference parent guide for Covid-related absence

8th September 2020 – School Meals Update:

We are encouraging students to bring packed lunches wherever possible and reduce unnecessary movement around school. We understand that packed lunches may not always be suitable. To make it easier to order meals from the canteen, we have been asked to circulate the links below to enable families to pre-order food.  Each link will be open to pre-order from 4pm the previous day to 9.20am of the morning of the order. Please follow the link to our school meals information page for the most up to date information and to pre-order: School Meals Pre-Order Link


Please see attached letter with further updates about the re-opening of school: Parent Letter New Term

FACE COVERINGS – 1st September 2020

In line with other Wrexham Schools and following advice from the Welsh Government, face coverings should be worn in communal areas and in corridors at Rhosnesni High School. 

This will mean that all Rhosnesni  students will be required to bring a face covering to school (unless they have a medical reason).  Students must bring their own face covering.  It is advisable to bring a small plastic bag to keep the mask in when not in use.

Face coverings will not be worn in lessons, but must be worn in the corridors and in toilets.

17/07/20 – Important end of term information

Letter to families of students in current Years 7-10 about the plans for September 2020:  September 2020 reopening

Letter to families of Year 6 students joining us in September 2020: Year 6 September Information

Letter to families of all year groups (Including Year 6) regarding school uniform and an information leaflet to support the purchasing of school uniform items in readiness for September 2020.

Letter to parents regarding uniform 

Uniform guide and information leaflet

School uniform and equipment policy 

22/06/20 – Please see an important letter to all families about the changes to plans to re-open schools.

16/06/20 – Please see attached an important letter from Mr Brant about the partial re-opening of Ysgol Rhosnesni. 

If you have confirmed that your child will be returning, we will contact you individually over the next few days  to clarify arrangements.

08/06/20 -Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

‘Check in, Catch Up, Prepare for Summer and September’

I wanted to give you some reassurances, following last week’s announcement by the Education Minister, Kirsty Williams.  On Wednesday 3rd June, we were given details of the next planned phase for schools in Wales. The key message was that all students would soon have the opportunity to ‘Check in, Catch Up, Prepare for Summer and September’.  As part of her statement, the Minister confirmed her intention that schools should begin planning for the first phase of re-opening on 29th June, with the summer term now extended by a week (ending Friday 24th July).  Furthermore, the last four weeks of this summer term should be used to make sure that pupils, staff and parents are prepared – mentally, emotionally and practically – for a ‘new normal’ in September 2020.  Interestingly, the Minister also announced that the autumn half-term break will be now extended to two weeks.

A link to Kirsty William’s full statement can be found on our website, along with letters from Ian Roberts from Wrexham LA.

Please let me assure you that the health and safety of staff and students is always my starting point. Therefore, I am eagerly awaiting detailed guidance that will help us to plan and prepare for this next phase.  Welsh Government has announced that this further information will provide clarity on managing facilities and logistical arrangements, including buildings, resources, cleaning and transport.  However, we have already started our initial planning and considerations, prioritising the wishes and wellbeing of students, staff and parents. To be clear, we will not re-open Rhosnesni unless our Covid-19 risk assessments and operational plans are robust and manageable.  When we do re-open, it will be done carefully, gradually and safely.

We understand that you will have many questions and we are working closely with the local authority, the regional consortium and our governors so that we can provide you with the information you need to prepare for this next phase.  You will be asked to complete an important questionnaire to assist us in our planning.  Please take the time to respond carefully to this survey.

I will write to you again, as soon as more detailed information is available.  In the meantime, I would like to thank you for your continued support during these challenging and unprecedented times. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr Brant


Ysgol Rhosnesni

08/06/20 – Preparations For The Re-opening of Rhosnesni High School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Further to the recent announcement by the Welsh Government, initial plans and preparations are being considered for staff and students to return to school, with a provisional start date from Monday 29th June 2020.  As you can imagine, how we operate in school will look very different from usual, including various health and safety measures.

As a school, the wellbeing of our staff and students is of paramount importance.  To help us to be as prepared as we can to receive your child, or support them should they continue to learn from home, we require you to complete a questionnaire on how your child has coped during their time away from school.

We recognise that at this time of uncertainty, some of you may have many questions to ask.  Once the national guidance has been published, and we have had the opportunity to digest this, we will write to you again with further information about how we will return safely to school.

To prepare for the re-opening of school it is vital that parents complete the questionnaire about  their child (and again for each child who attends Rhosnesni High School) by 12 noon Thursday 11th June 2020.

To access the questionnaire, please click on the link below.

Questionaire <–

08/06/20 – Further information from Mr Ian Roberts (click for letter)

04/06/20 – Letter from Mr Ian Roberts about schools re-opening (click for letter)

21/04/20 – Important information below for all students

Message from the Headteacher – Stay Safe.  Stay Learning

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Firstly, I hope that you are all safe and well.  Your health and emotional well-being is always a priority at Ysgol Rhosnesni.  Sadly, during these difficult and unprecedented times, we must now put many of our ambitions and interests temporarily on hold as we battle the Covid-19 virus.

The national curriculum is now suspended and will be, I imagine, for a considerable period of time. I am mindful that we all have very different circumstances at home and that it would be insensitive and impractical to have the same expectations for all students, carers and staff.

During the coming weeks, please complete academic work as and when you can.  There will be no pressure or deadlines from my colleagues.  Please, just have a go and try to enjoy learning.  If our teachers are fit and able, they will support and encourage students to develop this distance learning approach. 

Our website has lots of great resources and links which we will continue to update regularly.  Google classroom is available and we will assist, wherever possible, with any technical difficulties. Three extremely good resources to which I wish to draw your attention are:

·         Hwb

·         The Oak National Academy

·         BBC Teach

Please visit these sites, whenever you can.  They are full of excellent content and study materials.

Undoubtedly, there is so much students can still learn whilst at home.  However, I would encourage you to set yourself achievable targets.  Why not improve your French or Welsh language, develop numeracy skills or write news articles and short stories? What interesting things can you draw, make or perform? Please remember to be safe and careful.  Students should always get adult permission before they do any practical activities at home.

It is essential that we all remain fit and healthy, particularly during the coming months.  Please take safe and moderate exercise whenever you can.  Keep moving, remain active and adhere to all government lockdown guidelines. Never underestimate how good a little physical exercise can make a person feel.

Finally, I have always believed that reading is the cornerstone of academic success.  If you are in any doubt as to what to do with your extra time, please read, read, read.  You can lose yourself in a good story, discover scientific facts or learn about world history by using reliable websites such as those above.

Below, you will find an important link for the Welsh Government’s policy statement, ‘Stay Safe. Stay Learning’.  Please keep safe and well, try to remain positive and remember that we are always here for you if you need us.

Best wishes,

Mr Brant


20/03/20 – Information for Parents/Carers:

School Closure: Ysgol Rhosnesni is closed to ALL students until further notice. Children who are vulnerable and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response (who cannot be safely cared for at home) are entitled to provision.  However, it is imperative that, as far as possible, we minimise social contact and ensure that anyone who is particularly vulnerable to the virus is able to adopt stringent social distancing.  This means that if children can stay safely in their home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. 


There are numerous resources for families to use whilst at home and links to useful websites under the STUDENTS tab on this website.  These will be kept updated and new resources added.  Please encourage your children to continue learning and exercising safely whilst at home.  We are attempting to provide work in paper format for families without internet access. 






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