Children have the right to an education.

                                                                                                                UNCRC Article 28

At Rhosnesni High School we view attendance as a high priority for all of our students.  Research demonstrates that students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve good grades at GCSE level. Download information regarding KS3 attendance and KS4 attendance.

Parents/carers play a key role in supporting the school to ensure their child attends regularly in order to achieve the whole school target of 97%.

RHS Attendance Policy and Holidays Taken in Term Time Form

Please click the link below to access our attendance policy which is reviewed annually and ratified by the governing body. Holidays in term-time for students are strongly discouraged. All requests must be submitted using this application form for Holiday Leave During Term Time. Permission for authorised holiday leave will only be granted at the discretion of the Headteacher. The school reserves the right to recommend the Local Authority to issue, to those parents who ignore the school’s refusal to authorise holiday absences, a Fixed Term Penalty Notice.

Please click on the link to access the latest Attendance Policy

*Please click onto click to access the Holidays Taken in Term Time Form.

Attendance, Reporting Absence and Safeguarding

All schools are required to monitor closely students’ attendance and punctuality as part of safeguarding procedures.  We will share our concerns with parents and/or the Educational Social Worker/ Local Authority where appropriate.

How to Report  your Child’s Absence

We recognise that children can be ill from time to time and politely request that if your child is unable to attend school the following process is followed:

All absences should be reported to the school on morning of every day of absence before 9.05 am and provide a valid reason for absence either by:

  1. Email –
  2. Telephone – 01978 340947
  3. Free text – 07786 200444

Failure to report your child’s absence from school creates a serious safeguarding issue.

Letter to Parent/Carers :Reporting Absence Protocols and Safeguarding

What is “good attendance?”

An attendance percentage of 90% may sound positive in the first instance, but it actually means that a student only attends school for 4.5 days out of every 5 school days. This is practically part time!


Below is a table which demonstrates how just the “odd day off” can have an adverse effect on a student’s percentage attendance.

Overall Attendance % Number of  Days Missed Number of Sessions Missed Number of Weeks Missed Number of  Lessons Missed
95% 9 Days 18 Sessions 2 Weeks 50 Lessons
90% 19 Days 38 Sessions 4 Weeks 100 Lessons
85% 29 Days 58 Sessions 6 Weeks 150 Lessons
80% 38 Days 72 Sessions 8 Weeks 200 Lessons
75% 48 Days 96 Sessions 10 Weeks 250 Lessons
70% 57 Days 114 Sessions 11.5 Weeks 290 Lessons
65% 67 Days 134 Sessions 13.5 Weeks 340 Lessons



Just 17 days absent from school a year could mean a drop in a GCSE grade in all subjects.

*Please note the following points below:

*If your child misses 10 days (20 sessions) in total due to sickness we will request a doctor’s note for every future illness stating the reason for the absence.

*Parents/carers to complete the absence slip in the student planner on the first day the child returns to school.

Punctuality Matters

Late arrival to school can seriously impact on a child’s education and therefore we have policies to address this issue.

  • Students must be at school ready to be registered by 8:40am.
  • If a student arrives late to school on three occasions during a half term they will be given an after school detention. Please note the school reserves the right to adjust this policy as required and any changes will be communicated via the Parent/Carer E bulletin.
  • If a student’s punctuality continues to be a cause for concern, we will request a formal meeting and the ESW service will be involved.


                                                          School  Year
Number of Minutes Late Every Day Number of School Days Missed
  5 Minutes Late  3 Days missed
10 Minutes Late  6.5 Days missed
15 Minutes Late 10 Days missed
20 Minutes Late 13 Days missed
30 Minutes Late 19 days missed


Medical Appointments

Where possible, appointments need to be arranged outside of school time. In order for medical appointments to be authorised we will require a copy of the appointment slip/letter detailing the time and date of the appointment.  If an appointment letter is not available a confirmation slip showing the appointment will suffice.

Please note, a full day will not be authorised for a medical appointment that is in the morning, or vice versa for the afternoon, unless there is a requirement to travel.

Supporting Parents/Carers/Students

Our Attendance Officer has a wealth of experience in supporting families with attendance issues or concerns. If you have any queries please telephone: 01978 340947. In addition, we deliver attendance support workshops for students and parents.


We believe that improving and maintaining excellent attendance should be valued and publicly acknowledged through a variety of rewards including:

  • Certificates
  • Good News Phone Calls Home
  • Individual attendance and tutor group rewards