“Children and young people have the right to express opinions on matters which affect them and have these opinions taken seriously.”

– United Nations Convention, Article 12

The aim of Rhosnesni High School Council is to provide our students with the opportunity to express their views about the school, learning, the environment and community in a forum where they will be listened to and actions taken where appropriate. At RHS we value the student voice and encouraged them to play a role in the decision making of the school. The School Council provides a formal channel of communication between students, staff and the governing body.

School Council representatives are democratically elected to cabinet positions and there are two Student Associate Governors who regularly attend Governors’ meetings.

The School Council meets regularly, and extended meetings are frequently scheduled to facilitate the discussion of issues in greater depth.

Listed below are the edited highlights of the initiatives and activities our School Council representatives have undertaken throughout the year to benefit the life of the school and some groups of the local community:

 Fundraising events: the School Council has raised over £1000 this year. The money raised has been distributed to local and national charities including Nightingale House and Macmillan ‘Brave the Shave’. Funds raised to celebrate St David’s Day have been earmarked to develop the school sensory garden.

 School Council Reps have sold raffle tickets, created Christmas hampers and served refreshments at the Christmas Concert.

 Learning walks have been undertaken to examine the school environment. Consequently, the flooring in the Humanities corridor has been replaced, the picnic area was re-painted with the support of a leading supermarket retailer.

 The Student Council Reps, Nurture students and members of the Gardening Club have engaged in a litter pick as part of the ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ initiative.

 The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and School Council members have delivered assemblies to the whole school on the issues such as bullying and the environment.

 The school now operates a second-hand uniform /PE donation scheme, based on the suggestions of the school council members.

 The Red Box campaign was launched via the council to tackle period poverty.

 Working in conjunction with WCBC the School Council has trialled a recycling initiative. Reps were filmed discussing their views on social media about reducing single use plastic.

 The School Council members met the Mayor and received an award in recognition of the school’s work on Emotional Health and Wellbeing

 Canteen staff and council members have met to review the menus, recycling and queuing systems.

Every term the ‘You Said, We Did’ newsletter is shared in assemblies to ensure all students are informed about the work of the School Council.

It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside our committed and resourceful students on the School Council.