Children have a right to an education.

UNCRC Article 28

At Rhosnesni we aim to provide a thriving, caring and aspirational learning environment, built upon the values of Respect, Honesty and Success. We are relentless in our pursuit of high standards and expect all students to have pride in the school and be determined to succeed.

The Rhosnesni Way

This is a set of principles for directing behaviour in, around and outside school. They are the cornerstone for everything RHS represents and are intrinsically linked to our core values. The principles are listed below and are frequently revisited with our community during assemblies, tutor time and are documented in the students’ planners.

  • We take off outdoor coats before entering the building.
  • We switch off and safely conceal our mobiles before entering the school site.
  • We wear full uniform correctly. Our skirts, trousers and shoes are appropriate for school.
  • We follow the instructions of adults within this building.
  • We treat each other with respect and consideration at all times.
  • We arrive to school and all lessons on time.
  • We have attendance of 97% or better.
  • We always give our best in lessons


Expectations and Routines  

At RHS we are passionate about inclusivity and building an aspirational culture. To achieve this end we have clear routines, visibly displayed in all classrooms. All members of the school community follow the routines, no exceptions and no excuses.

Expectations of Parents/Carers

All students and parents are required to read and sign the Home School Agreement. This document sets out the expectations and responsibilities for all stakeholders and aims to foster a cohesive and homogeneous working relationship.

Health and Wellbeing

At RHS we value the importance of the emotional and physical wellbeing of our students. The pastoral team is supported by a highly experienced Student Wellbeing Coordinator, on site Youth Workers, School Nurse and School Counsellor. We work closely with external agencies in order to support our families and signpost them to appropriate support where the need arises. The pastoral system has its own educative purpose. It is integrated into the PSE JIGSAW scheme of work and supports the academic curriculum. Please visit the Health and Wellbeing Zone and PSE pages for further information.

 Enrichment & Leadership Opportunities

All students have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of extra-curricular and leadership opportunities. Please visit the Enrichment and Leadership page for further information. We have excellent facilities which cater for a myriad of activities and games.


Our rewards system seeks to encourage, celebrate and reward high standards of achievement and effort.  The system reflects our aspirational culture, develops a sense of community and enhances students’ sense of confidence.