Our Ethos

At Ysgol Rhosnesni High School we are proud of the achievements of our students in a wide range of fields both academic and enrichment, and we believe in high standards and expectations. We believe that we can make a positive difference to the future life-chances of each and every young person.

We believe in working together with our students to develop their future roles as ambassadors of learning, citizens and workers and aim to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for future adult life.


Art Department Overview

All students study Art & Design at Key Stage 3 and they have the choice for further study at KS4. Throughout each Key Stage we aim to promote a broad understanding and appreciation of the visual world through making art, engaging with, analysing and reflecting upon the art work of contemporary artists, photographers, craftspeople, designers. At KS3 and KS4 students are given a broad approach into exploring images and artefacts that balance with the making of art that are relevant to today’s world. The very nature of our subject allows the teacher to contribute to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development of students.

KS3 Overview

Students are taught in ability classes in years seven, eight and nine. Students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum within a range of specialisms – painting, drawing, 3-D, ceramics and photography. Independent learning tasks through the use of takeaway homework’s allow students to develop their ability in managing their own interests through learning.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students are given opportunities to improve their skills in generating ideas through artist research, planning visual ideas through experimentation and evaluating their own and others work in preparation for GCSE.

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